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Memar journal, Villa Spino


Villa Spino selected as the second choice among residential projects of "Khaak" Foundation.


The book of the Abstracts of the Second National Conference of "Architecture and Urbanism over time" with the attempt of Dr Rahim Hashempour

Construction Engineering Organization Quarterly Journal of Qazvin Province

World Urbanism Day with the theme: From State Urbanism to Citizen Urbanism

"Tabnaak" newspapers, The objectives and the plans of Dr Hashempour

Interview with Dr Rahim Hashempour

"Mellat-e-Ma" Newspaper, Karaj worn out texture , Dr Rahim Hashempour

"Mellat-e-Ma" newspaper - Hashtgerd City Council Members - Dr Rahim Hashempour


Furniture and Beautification
"The furniture and Beautification" written by doctor Rahim Hashempour.